CBS Does Not Fear Aggregation

Though some news organizations still fear the idea of news aggregation, CBS News seems to have fully accepted the idea. Not only are they open to the idea, but the seem to be integrating it into their website quite well. If you go to the bottom of their homepage they have access to various ways to follow them outside of their main webpage. One of these ways to follow them is via RSS feeds.

Once a viewers clicks on the RSS feed option, its takes them to a very informative page about various RSS feeds that consumers can subscribe to through CBS News. It also provides links to inform consumers on RSS feeds, how they work, and how to view them.

CBS News’ RSS feeds allow consumers not only to subscribe to their online print content, but it also allows them access to their broadcast shows such as 48 Hours and The Early Show.

Though no information was provided for how many people actually use CBS’ RSS feeds, I think they can be quite beneficial to people who want to subscribe to, and keep up to date with, a very specific section on multiple websites. For example, people who enjoy politics can subscribe to every major RSS feed on the matter and be constantly updated on that specific piece of information.

Since I prefer to view news in a more broad scope and then become more specific from there, I would probably not want to use RSS feeds. This does not mean, however, that they cannot be useful to other consumers and a viable option for news outlets.

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One Response to CBS Does Not Fear Aggregation

  1. trusse15 says:

    I agree with you that CBS providing information about its specific RSS feeds to viewers is a good move and beneficial to them. But I also agree the idea of a stream of such specified news is not really appealing to me either I would rather view a broader range of news. The feed does definitely serve a beneficial service.

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