Designing A Multi-Million Dollar News Website

Generally there seem to be two schools of thought for news website design. The division from these two schools stems from the idea of simplicity versus the idea of more a complex structure. Some people, like author Jason F., think that simplicity is the best option for news organizations. People of that opinion would not be fans of CBS News internet outlets.

CBS News’ website has a ton of navigable sections. These sections are usually distinct from each other, and have their own interactive areas. Varying from video to pictures or to just print, CBS News’ tends to incorporate many aspects of consumable media to reach out to as many audiences as they possible can.

Even from their homepage, CBS tries to allow consumers access to as many different outlets as possible. If consumers do not navigate through the top bars, scrolling through the homepage still has distinct sections with links to various stories.

As far as their mobile content is concerned, CBS seems to be going after in any all outlets they possibly can. They don’t just stop at their news content though, they also attempt to incorporate their feature shows like 60 Minutes, as well. All of their mobile content can be found here.

For the second week in a row, CBS has done some things to impress. I do like how navigable and diverse their webpage can be. It is visually appealing and interest-keeping, while at the same time still being easy to navigate. Combine that with their mobile content, and CBS News seems to be spending their money well.

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2 Responses to Designing A Multi-Million Dollar News Website

  1. I personally like the CBS News website because they have a lot of news and many different things on their website. Some websites keep their websites too simple and they make it look boring. That can turn away people from their website if you keep it simple and boring. Websites that use pictures and videos really help themselves because that is what most people want to see. I like that in this blog post, you used a link to their mobile website. We talked about the mobile website in class and I liked that you put a link to it because I did not even think to do that in my blog post.

  2. Simplicity may be important for the success of small news providers or local websites, but I agree that CBS’s complex but navigable site is essential. With such a large following and a large focus on it’s television audience, I would not have expected CBS to provide such a good website. It provides a complex but very visually-appealing look that anyone can easily find information. I agree that mobility is very crucial as journalism continues to evolve from newspapers to an online world.

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