Storytelling with Video

Finally, I have found something that CBS News is good at. I feel like for the last few blogs posts all I have been is critical of CBS and their poor or lack of integration of various media formats into their news stories. When it comes to video, however, CBS News does a good job with integration. Being a broadcast outlet first, I kind of expected this, though. Between CBS Evening News, The Early Show, 48 Hours, 60 Minutes, Sunday Morning, Face the Nation, and Up to the Minute, CBS really has a ton of pre-made content that can transition easily to their website. For example, this story contains analysis of an interview with a former lobbyist, video from that same interview, and integration of the transcript into a print story.

They even have an entire section of their website dedicated to video (as seen above). This section even integrates consumer involvement well allowing commenting, Tweeting, and Facebook recommending.

CBS is proof that you can transition your TV content to the web and still gain viewership by adding unique, compelling characteristics that aren’t available to TV consumers.

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One Response to Storytelling with Video

  1. Rochelle Williams says:

    I am glad to see how good cbs is with online video. Like cnn, this network news station has its origins in video news. If cbs isn’t good at video, what could they be good at?

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