The LIfe of Cody Crockett

Listen to Cody talk about one of his favorite parts of the University of Tennessee.

Cody Crockett, 20, grew up in the small town of Huntingdon, Tenn. His heart, however, has always been in Rocky Top with the Volunteers.

“If I could have my blood literally turned orange, I probably would,” said Crockett.

Pursuing a degree in Journalism, Crockett decided to leave his hometown and head east towards the Great Smoky Mountains.

“I originally was accepted on a full scholarship to play the drums at UT-Martin,” said Crockett. “After some thought I realized that I didn’t want a degree in music, and I definitely didn’t want to stay in Martin.”

Crockett currently spends most of his time playing the drums, video games, and attending UT sporting events. He also works at the Olive Garden on Kingston Pike.

“I don’t really like bussing tables at all,” said Crocket. “You have got to work hard to play hard, and I like to play a lot so I sell my soul to Olive Garden.”

After graduation Crockett hopes to leave find a job working for a magazine as either a sports commentator or a music critique

“Between sports and music I pretty much have everything I need in my life,” said Crockett. “As long as I can have my Volunteers and some tunes, I’m happy for the rest of my life.”

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