Why CBS News, Why?

So this assignment has given me another reason to think that CBS News‘ may have the largest budget ever to under-utilize all of the tools that they access to. Being a international news organization, CBS News has journalist in many areas around the world giving them access to many stories that could be enhanced by the use of graphics. Combine their global reach with their large budget, and it would seem to make sense for CBS News to hire a graphic designer or two to increase their stories’ effectiveness. Since CBS also has their broadcasting outlets, and the graphic designers that go with that medium, it would make sense to extend that tool to their print sections. Surprisingly, however, CBS News is not utilizing this tool at all. Take, for example, this article on the national occupy movements. Talking about all of the locations this movement is happening in would make a great graphic, but CBS News doesn’t have one. Maybe I’ll get lucky and they’ll be reading this blog, seeing my comments, and will hire me to help them out.

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