The Storyboard of News

This week CBS News has thoroughly impressed me. Storyboarding is a fairly new concept to the news world, and its application to the web seems like the most seamless of fits. Their ability to integrate in-story hyperlinks, sidebar information, and videos creates a easy to navigate, informative news consuming atmosphere.

On the homepage viewers can find easy to navigate sections containing links to stories. On the sidebars, viewers can easily redirect themselves to CBS’ news feeds of Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Once a story is clicked on, the same type features can be utilized at the story specific level. Links to story related content, videos, and other features can be easily accessed.

The pages also allow viewers easy access to other things happening in the world through CBS stories. Simply put, CBS News integrates most, if not all, of the technologically advanced options the internet has to offer to the generic news consumer.

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2 Responses to The Storyboard of News

  1. I’m going to have to agree that CBS does a good job at integrating recent technological advances into their site. I also like how you’ve pointed out that they have “story specific” information once a link to a news story is accessed, which is something not a lot of news sites do. By providing this tool to its readers, it gives them additional information that might be beneficial when interested in a specific story topic and will encourage readers to return to their site because they know that all the information they’d want is streamlined into one area of the site and they won’t have to go searching for it.

  2. Brian Paneral says:

    I liked your post. I agree that CBS is definitely a top-notch credible source. I don’t tend to get my news from CBS but it seems they’re a highly followed source. Its very cool how CBS is embracing the new trend of news and integrating twitter and other social media.

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