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McDonalds Reopens After Renovations


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CBS News – Storytelling without words

If stories can be told by news organizations with photos, CBS News is the master of the short story. It is true, however, that pictures can be worth a thousand words. Thus, one extremely gripping photograph can in some cases … Continue reading

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The Storyboard of News

This week CBS News has thoroughly impressed me. Storyboarding is a fairly new concept to the news world, and its application to the web seems like the most seamless of fits. Their ability to integrate in-story hyperlinks, sidebar information, and videos … Continue reading

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Blogging: For When Sex with Inflatable Rafts Isn’t Front Page Worthy

I firmly believe that blogging has a negative impact on the news by watering down what is actually newsworthy, filling space with what isn’t, and blurring the lines between political commentary and political news. They say pictures are worth a … Continue reading

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