– The Web As A Medium

This geopolitical and economic climate is probably the most tumultuous in history. Combine that with interesting, newsworthy things happening in the actual weather climate, and you have plenty of stories noteworthy enough to make the front page of an news organizations homepage. Unlike newspapers who are limited in space, web pages have the ability to put many pages on the first page, and alter in a minutes notice.

CBS News, however, seems to have lost all sense of prioritizing all together. There homepage looks as if they have to cover everything imaginable on that one page. The top 1/8 of the page looks fairly organized, like most other news organization web pages. It contains links to all of the major sections of their online paper, a search bar, links to news related station-owned programs, and a search bar.

Upon scrolling down, the page becomes much more content-filled. The links are well named, fairly organized, and can be clicked to take the user to the articles or other forms of content. Unfortunately, it seems as if CBS is trying to force too much into one page. This makes it difficult to sort through the large amount of content, and it can be distracting from important stories the page has to offer.

The website does do a good job of incorporating of Vadim Lavrusik’s Key Building Block of Participation into their webpage. The page allows for Tweeting, Facebooking, commenting, and various other interactions with their content.

The website also does a very good job of indicating breaking news at the beginning of the page. Overall, for the lazy, general news observer CBS News is a one-stop-shop for consuming media, news-related content.

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2 Responses to – The Web As A Medium

  1. bdoughe1 says:

    I came across the same problem with WBIR’s website. There was way too much on the homepage as well as the actual story pages. Perhaps they are having trouble deciding what is worthy of putting on the front page and they should look at it like it really is the front page of a newspaper or something. I liked the way you explained your view and the screenshots you used really took your point home.

  2. I think you can see how difficult it is to keep a website organized, especially when things are changing every couple hours. The reason they put all these stories on one page is to appeal to as many people as possible. Most visitors only look at the homepage and if they don’t see anything interesting they will move away from the site and go to a different. The longer they keep visitors on the website, the more successful their site will be. Good point about cluttering and I agree, I can also see how tough that would be to do on a minute to minute basis.

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